Expert Software Developer,
Project Manager, and IT Guru/Executive

2013 - PresentOwnerRick Harris Enterprises, LLC.
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2012 - PresentIndependent ConsultantRick Harris, Inc.
Specializing in mobile and web app development leveraging cloud based platforms as a service (PaaS) such as Google App Engine, Windows Azure, and Oracle Public Cloud. System and application architecture solutions utilizing native and cross-platform development tools appropriately. 

2011 - 2013IT/Project Manager, DC Contractors, Inc.
Moved IT infrastructure to Google Apps for Domains, including Google Drive.  Chose Solve360 as the integrated Project Management platform.  Project manager for Federal and State government construction contracts totaling over $2.5M.

2004 - 2011Chief Information OfficerMolinaro Koger, Inc.
Formalized ad-hoc business processes with highly customized and integrated CRM, Document Repository, and Intranet/Extranet/Internet systems supporting over $4B in hotel real estate transactions.  System architect for fully redundant fault tolerant IT infrastructure spanning 12 remote offices. Hands-on design and development of Web 2.0 data-driven web app with JavaScript AJAX front-end and C#.NET web services. 

2004Senior ConsultantMicrosoft Corporation’s Communications Sector
Dramatically improved performance of Verizon’s internal real-time call management software by 10 fold in most cases and even over 100 fold in one scenario.  Educated developers on thread pooling techniques and I/O completion ports.

2003 - 2004Senior Software DeveloperTexas Instruments' E&PS
Collaboration software innovator for handheld devices resulting in two patent applications: DN/20040114258 and DN/20040041843. Developer of the MathBox and MathPalette for commercial desktop app, TI Interactive! 

2000 - 2003Chief Technology
Software architect for web service that provided a centralized shared calendar/booking system for individuals and businesses. Very first online site to provide side-by-side views of shared calendars.  Also developed a Windows CE/Mobile bi-directional calendar sync app utilizing the web service interface.

1997 - 2003President and OwnerHarris Software, Inc.
Principal software consultant/developer for a wide variety of challenging projects, resulting in commercial products, web sites, and/or intellectual property. Primary clients included: Texas Instruments, Hewlett-Packard, Molinaro Koger, 7Th Level, Stonebridge Technologies and New Realm Media Group. 

1995 - 2001Author and InstructorClarity Learning and other training firms
Authored and sold Java courseware. Delivered numerous public week long seminars covering almost all Microsoft development technologies. On-site training for Diebold, Texas Instruments, and BAE Systems. 

1992 - 1996Independent Consultant/Contractor
Client engagements included: SABRE Decision Technologies through COMSYS, Alcon Labs through Coopers & Lybrand, and Ericsson Radio Systems through Oxford & Associates 

1989 - 1992Vice President and Principal Software EngineerBPM Microsystems
Instrumental in rapidly growing the company to a number two position in the device programmer market. Helped design and implement custom C/C++ compiler with dynamic linker and custom code generators. 

1986 - 1989Member of the Technical StaffMITRE Corporation
Developed AI based shuttle and space station software prototypes for NASA’s Johnson Space Center. Received certificate of recognition from NASA for contributions as co-inventor of U.S. Patent #4,965,743

1986 - 1991Adjunct InstructorRice University Computer Science Department
First Rice instructor to design Comp 100 curriculum around the current business capabilities of Apple Mac software and to use the Mac 100% to deliver all course content, including interactive lectures and exams.

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